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Horizontal Balers

EXP Series - Hinged Side, Auto-Tie Baler

The EXP Horizontal Baler has a hinged side to shear and pre-compress the material, resulting in higher volume production with denser bales.

  • Fully automatic operation requires less labor to operate
  • Extra-large feed openings for higher volume
  • Shark-teeth shearing system to handle larger materials
  • Hinged side wall for pre-compression and denser bales
  • Designed specifically to handle larger materials
  • Touch-screen controls for easy operation
  • Designed for high-speed high volume applications
  • High-pressure systems available
  • Spring loaded, retractable retainer dogs for more uniform bales
  • Electrical panels UL Listed for safety

Download the brochure here for more information or call us at 1-800-231-9286 to discuss your specific recycling needs.