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Vertical Balers

A Vertical Baler is a good low cost option when production volume isn't a priority. Vertical balers can bale a wide variety of materials.

IVB Vertical Baler Series

IVB Vertical Baler Series

  • Customizabe to your specific needs
  • Applications for a wide variety of materials
  • Bale widths up to 72" wide
  • Bale weights up to 2,000 lbs.
  • Feed openings up to 72" x 36"
  • Simple operation with easy to use controls
  • Heavy duty construction for longevity
  • Electrical Panel UL Listed for safety
  • Bale ejector for ease of unloading even the heaviest bales
  • Easy to install with no special foundation needed
  • Saves valuable floor space

Download the brochure here for more information or call us at 1-800-231-9286 to discuss your specific recycling needs.