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Frequently Asked Questions about Baling and Recycling

Do I need a baler?

If you generate any type of waste or byproduct that can be recycled, you could use a baler to reclaim your valuable materials and save waste removal costs.

What are the benefits of baling my material?

  • Eliminating the cost to have waste hauled off.
  • Better for the environment.
  • Compacted materials take up less space.
  • In most cases baling can be a profitable investment.

What do I do with the finished bales?

Local or national materials brokers will purchase most baled products. Many facilities that produce a type of product (for example plastics) will use a percentage of recycle materials in their manufacturing processes. Some “green" manufacturing facilities will only use recycled materials.

What kind of baler do I need for my application?

The type and size of the baler required for you application will vary. It’s best to call one of our knowledgeable sales staff to assist you.

Some key information you will need to provide will be:

  • What is your product?
  • How will you want to feed it?
  • What is your running volume?
  • What weight and size bale do you require?

Do you make a baler for my individual application?

We can custom configure our balers to fit each individual application, and in some cases have built completely custom balers specifically for applications.

What other products will my machine bale?

Most of our balers are capable of baling multiple materials, but it ultimately would depend on the model of baler and the material in question.

Will I need an automatic or manual-tie baler?

This is usually determined by the volume of material you are processing. Auto-tie balers have a much larger volume capacity per hour because they can tie the bales off much faster than manually tying.

What will my baler cost?

Baler cost will depend on your particular requirements. IBC does offer a full line of balers, from entry level verticals to full auto-tie and two-rams.

Do you offer financing?

IBC does not at this time offer “in-house" financing, but we work with several outside financing companies that can assist you.

What if my material is not typically baled?

We build many different types of balers to cover a wide variety of materials. If your material is something that we have not dealt with, you can provide us with a sample for testing to determine the proper unit for your application.

Will I need an oil cooler/heater?

This will depend on how often the baler is running, and also location (hot or cold climates). Our auto-ties come standard with an oil cooler, and our two-rams are standard with both a cooler and heater.

What other optional equipment do you offer?

Depending on the model baler, we have many different options, please speak with one of our sales staff in regards to options.

What safety standards does IBC adhere to?

IBC meets or exceeds ANSI Z 245.5 safety standards for balers, and our control panels are UL approved.

Do you offer installation services or on-site training?

We do offer installation services, as well as operational and maintenance training. Costs are specific to each application.

Do you have local dealers in my area?

We have a network of dealers around the country in most market areas, call our sales department for more specific details.

What kind of oil will I need for my baler?

IBC can supply you with a list of recommended hydraulic fluid specifications.

What kind of wire will I need for my baler?

Baling wire type, length and thickness will vary, depending on the model baler and the material being baled.