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We realize that no two situations are alike. There are too many variables to make a baler that can work for every recycling situation. we've also seen where the limits placed on a business by a "cookie-cutter" application usually cost the business more in the long run. So we listen to your situation and help you find a solution that meets your operational and budget requirements. It's the reason our applications are almost always customized for each client.


  • International Baler, also known as “IBC" has been an established leader in the baling industry since 1946.
  • We are internationally sold and represented and have currently sold over 40,000 units to date.
  • Our balers are designed for reliability and longevity, with operator safety in mind.
  • We are an industry leader in custom applications, allowing us to design equipment to fit your requirements.
  • We have over 200 standard models to choose from.
  • IBC balers are engineered for Maximum Performance and Ease of Operation.
  • Our Service Department is accessible over the phone for more common issues, and we offer field service for more assistance.
  • References and referrals are available upon request.
  • Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed.